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«The Sacraments express and carry out an effective and profound communion among us, because in them we find Christ the Saviour, and through him, our brothers in faith. The Sacraments are not appearances, they are not rites; the Sacraments are the strength of Christ, there is Jesus Christ, in the Sacraments»

Pope Franciscus


Baptism is the first of the seven sacraments. Preaching and baptizing is the mandate of Jesus Christ: “Go into the whole world, preach the Gospel, baptize those who believe, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.” The Lord’s mandate remains in force for the Church and for every Christian.

Baptism is the first sacrament of Christian initiation and entails a commitment and a responsibility: it should not be left alone at the beginning. The baptized ask their parents and godparents for an example that will help them grow as Christians.


The sacrament of Penance, Reconciliation, or Confession, is the sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ, through which all sins committed after baptism are forgiven, all of them are absolved by God through the priest, offering the believer a new opportunity conversion, purification and a life full of grace.

During the course, Community Celebrations of Forgiveness are offered at different times.

You can request it in the sacristy.



It is real Jesus, present in the bread and wine that the priest consecrates. By faith we believe that the presence of Jesus in the bread and wine is not only symbolic but real. It is the mystery of transubstantiation, since what changes is the substance of the bread and wine; while the accidents – shape, colour, flavour – remain the same.

We do not seek to impart some teachings as an academic course to reach the communion party. What we want is that the communicants get closer to the Community of Jesus Christ according to their age.

To celebrate the sacrament of First Communion it is necessary to be enrolled in the parish catechesis process.


The sacrament of confirmation is the action that completes baptism, since it confirms and reinforces the grace of God, which we had received in it. The baptized is strengthened by the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is the sacrament of Christian maturity and that makes us capable of being witnesses of Christ.

We offer preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation to Christians who request it, both adolescents, young people, and adults. In the parish of Begoña and in the Artagan Pastoral Unit we have groups that can be adapted to what you are looking for.


Marriage is the alliance by which a man and a woman unite freely for life in order to help each other, procreate and educate their sons and daughters.

This union, based on love, implies full consent and is blessed by God. Being sacramental, it makes the conjugal bond for life and no one can break this bond.


The sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick confers on the Christian a special grace to face the difficulties of a serious illness or old age.

In it, the church joins the sick to commend him before Jesus Christ, asking for his salvation, helping to strengthen his soul, and preventing him from falling into despair.

In the Artagan Pastoral Unit there is a Health Pastoral group that accompanies sick and elderly people in residences. Among their activities, they bring communion to the homes of sick people and celebrate the anointing of the sick when requested. It can be requested in the sacristy of the parish of Begoña.

Occasionally, the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is celebrated communally.


Sundays at 10am. Broadcast of the mass on the YouTube channel.